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Baylor Scott & White The Voice Center is a multidisciplinary clinic for the diagnosis, treatment, and research of voice disorders.

We believe that one’s voice is the fundamental and essential form of communication. Our voice allows us to communicate not just with words, but through the emotion and intensity of the sound behind those words. Many people use their voice professionally, such as teachers, preachers, lawyers, and performers. All of us, however, depends on our voice daily for work and social interactions. No matter your vocation or your training, we treat every voice with unique attention and care.

“Hoarseness” is often excused as being associated with another illness, such as allergies.

Many people ignore vocal symptoms because they think, “that’s just how my voice sounds”. Hoarseness, or voice changes, should not be overlooked as they may be a sign of a more serious problem or be something that could be treated to improve your daily communication and quality of life.

BSW The Voice Center offers specialized high-resolution imaging of the larynx (or voice box) and laryngeal videostroboscopy to analyze the biomechanics of the vocal fold (or vocal cord) vibration. Our team consists of Lindsey Arviso, MD and Kim Coker CCC-SLP and Stephanie Fort, MS CCC-SLP. Dr. Arviso works closely with Kim Coker and Stephanie Fort who are both Voice Speech Language Pathologists for comprehensive care of patients with surgical or rehabilitative voice needs.


Why Choose BSW The Voice Center?


Specializing in the care of the voice and upper airway issues for general public and professional voice users


Including vocal analysis laboratory


For voice and associated disorders, all in one convenient location


Collaboration with a network of consulting medical specialists, speech and physical therapists, and voice pedagogy



Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


“Before coming to visit Dr. Arviso and Stephanie Fort, I suffered from severe coughing spells and an inability to control my breath. Quickly, Dr. Arviso was able to identify problems and Stephanie developed a therapy treatment plan. Together, they moved me from a patient unable to self-manage my voice, cough, and breath, to a patient fully in control. I was given tools to help myself. It was empowering. They gave me so much of my life back. Thank you!”​